Litter bin provision & servicing

Dear Residents

You may be aware of some commentary surrounding the Resident’s Association decision to cease, with immediate effect, the private service contract for litter bins in Dargavel Village. We were looking forward to telling you this news in our New Year report but RMG’s newsletter piece, of which we were not informed prior to its publication, leads us to issue this response.

The Resident’s Association recently met with representatives from Renfrewshire Council’s Streetscene department to undertake a review of litter bin provision in Dargavel Village and their overall effectiveness. We are delighted to announce that a new litter bin infrastructure plan is currently being rolled out across Dargavel Village with facilities placed where they are needed most. You may have already noticed the new bins by Sainsbury’s and at the bottom of Slateford Road. The council provided these bins and will service them moving forward.

This new plan is anticipated to save the residents of Dargavel Village approximately £9,000 per year on private contractor waste servicing and we hope that the new infrastructure plan will be completed by the end of January 2021. Like all good plans that have good intentions, the rollout has not gone as smoothly as we, or Renfrewshire Council, had anticipated. We have been in continuous dialogue with council representatives and appreciate the role they undertake in these difficult times and have every confidence in their team to deliver.

In the meantime, we respectfully ask that residents continue to pick up after dogs and dispose of waste, along with litter, in a bin where one is available. If no bin is available or is full, please take it home and dispose of it there.

We appreciate your patience whilst we work through these teething problems however, we believe that £9,000 per year can be better spent, or saved, by implementing a Renfrewshire Council-led litter bin strategy.

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