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The image shows one of the proposed bus timetables. We have been asked to provide our thoughts which we can only do with your input.

Please let us know via the Facebook post if you think the bus runs early enough, late enough, often enough etc.

Please add detail to your response so it is constructive.

Thank you


Download a copy of Renfrewshire Council’s publication detailing their winter maintenance and severe weather plan.

Further information available here including location map of RenCo grit bins and RenCo gritting routes



With Dargavel continuing to grow and a number of relatively new parcels now occupied across the estate, we desperately need new parcel representatives to ensure that the whole development is represented and that we can continue to build on the work done to date. 

We are currently a small group of volunteers predominantly from the more established parcels but it would be great to welcome some new members to give us greater resource and who may hopefully also bring new skills and expertise to the table.  Many parcels currently have no representation on the committee but we believe it is important that all parcels have a voice so that they can benefit from the experience gained by the committee to date and feed into the issues that affect us all. 

What does volunteering entail?

The committee generally meets at least quarterly with RMG with regular discussion in the background as things happen over the course of the year.  We are actively engaged with RMG, BAE, Bishopton Community Council and Renfrewshire Council on all matters affecting the Dargavel development and wider Bishopton. 

Our next committee meeting is approaching and it would be great to meet some fellow residents who are willing to spare a little time or expertise to help carry on the work of the committee.  Check out the minutes of previous meetings for more information on the type of issues we are discussing with RMG and other stakeholders – Meeting Minutes – Dargavel Residents Association

Where do I sign up? 

If you’re interested in finding out more please email and we’ll be in touch asap.   

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Dear Residents

You may be aware of some commentary surrounding the Resident’s Association decision to cease, with immediate effect, the private service contract for litter bins in Dargavel Village. We were looking forward to telling you this news in our New Year report but RMG’s newsletter piece, of which we were not informed prior to its publication, leads us to issue this response.

The Resident’s Association recently met with representatives from Renfrewshire Council’s Streetscene department to undertake a review of litter bin provision in Dargavel Village and their overall effectiveness. We are delighted to announce that a new litter bin infrastructure plan is currently being rolled out across Dargavel Village with facilities placed where they are needed most. You may have already noticed the new bins by Sainsbury’s and at the bottom of Slateford Road. The council provided these bins and will service them moving forward.

This new plan is anticipated to save the residents of Dargavel Village approximately £9,000 per year on private contractor waste servicing and we hope that the new infrastructure plan will be completed by the end of January 2021. Like all good plans that have good intentions, the rollout has not gone as smoothly as we, or Renfrewshire Council, had anticipated. We have been in continuous dialogue with council representatives and appreciate the role they undertake in these difficult times and have every confidence in their team to deliver.

In the meantime, we respectfully ask that residents continue to pick up after dogs and dispose of waste, along with litter, in a bin where one is available. If no bin is available or is full, please take it home and dispose of it there.

We appreciate your patience whilst we work through these teething problems however, we believe that £9,000 per year can be better spent, or saved, by implementing a Renfrewshire Council-led litter bin strategy.


RMG have recently issued the attached site plan for the H2 parcel showing all areas that are currently maintained by the factor.

Any area highlighted in green is a communal area within the parcel that is currently maintained by DSMcG. Any areas that are not highlighted in green are private to the homeowner to maintain. The roads, pavement and street lights are under the responsibility of the developer until the road is adopted by the council. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager, Rebekah Clark at

PDF Version

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Extract from recent BAE Systems update:

  • During the recent road works around Bolerno Crescent, we received a small number of calls about mud on the road. These works are now complete and the road has been fully cleaned.
  • We have recently awarded the contract to build Dargavel Primary School and its access road to Robertson Construction. Work started on the access road in January and construction on the school will commence in April 2020. The school is due to be completed in June 2021.
  • We are pleased to see new businesses opening and thriving in the new Dargavel Village retail units. The latest openings include: Scoff and Patter, Station Barbers, Enzo’s and Dargavel Dental Care.
  • A new point of interest board will soon be installed near Bishopton Train Station at the site of what was the main entrance to ROF Bishopton. Please feel free to visit this board, as well as other boards which are situated by the Bishopton Cannon Viewpoint and the Dargavel Ponds viewing platforms off Craigton Drive.
  • Several bat boxes have been installed to the north of Dargavel Village as we continue our commitment to supporting and sustaining local wildlife.

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to a member of the Programme Team about Dargavel Village, please call BAE’s freephone hotline on 0800 130 3302.


Further to the AGM process carried out by RMG in October, we’ve recently been advised that the second AGM meeting dates have now been finalised. These meetings will now be held on Wednesday 12th February 2020 at Mar Hall and will last approximately 30 minutes per parcel as follows:

5.30pm: H6 Cala

6:00pm: H2 Persimmon/Charles Church (North)

6:30pm: H3 Taylor Wimpey (North)

7:00pm: E4 & E4B Persimmon (South)

7:30pm: H5 Taylor Wimpey (South)

If you are able/unable to attend your parcel’s meeting, we ask that you please complete the attached
attendance/proxy form or the attached mandate form and send these to your property manager,
Rebekah Clark by email at or by phoning RMG’s contact centre at 0345 002 4499, or handing them over to a neighbour who is able to attend.

For your convenience a copy of the proxy form is available here:


Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 2 October 2019 are now online and can be accessed here along with a copy of RMG’s Property Managers Report:

Minutes – 02/10/2019 * Log in to access

Minutes from previous meetings can be downloaded from the Meeting Minutes page which is accessible to logged in users only.

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We have recently been notified that RMG have arranged parcel AGMs for 2019 for the completed parcels with Dargavel. Each meeting will last up to one hour and will be held on the evenings of 28th and 29th October at Ingliston Country Club. These meetings, as required in the deed of conditions for each parcel, will allow RMG to present the budget for 2020 for each parcel and any discuss any current issues within each parcel.

It is important that sufficient residents either attend these meetings or appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf as the parcel deed of conditions state that there must be a majority of residents present for each parcel AGM to be effective. If insufficient residents attend, RMG will require to postpone the meeting and arrange a further date to reconvene in December which will result in additional expense for the residents and of course wasted time for those that do attend. If you haven’t yet responded to RMG using the supplied form please do so now. These can be either posted to RMG or alternatively emailed back to

Parcel AGM Dates

Monday 28 October:

6pm – H6 Cala

7pm – H2 Persimmon/Charles Church (North)

8pm – H3 Taylor Wimpey (North)

Tuesday 29 October

6pm – E4/E4B – Persimmon (South)

7pm – H5 Taylor Wimpey (South)

8pm – H4B Stewart Milne

If your parcel is not listed above it is likely that your parcel is still in the process of construction and not yet handed over in full to RMG for management. As a result there is no obligation to hold an AGM at this stage. RMG confirm that they may hold an informal meeting for the parcels nearing completion in due course (e.g. H1/H7 Persimmon North and H10 Taylow Wimpey).

Election of Parcel Representatives

In addition to the annual budget process, RMG will also hold an election process to allow three parcel representatives to be appointed for each parcel for the year ahead in line with the deed of conditions. These representatives will act for their parcel in terms of dealing with local parcel specific issues and also attend quarterly Committee meetings. At these quarterly Committee meetings, all parcel representatives come together and meet with RMG and occasionally the local community police officers to discuss issues affecting Dargavel village. Our aim as a Committee is to represent all residents of Dargavel and ensure that we hold RMG, the developers and BAE to account for the benefit of all current and future residents of Dargavel.

If you are interested in serving on the Committee or representing your local parcel please do attend your parcel AGM and put your name forward. We will be delighted to welcome some new members to the Committee.

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