Badminton Facilities

The Secretary of the Bishopton Community Development Trust has recently been in touch with the Residents Committee following the questionnaire that was circulated around Bishopton regarding the potential development of Holm Park and/or other projects within the village.

He has advised that the recent Bishopton Community Development Trust Survey Questionnaire revealed an interest in more Indoor Badminton Courts and has asked that we provide some information to residents in case there is interest currently from within Dargavel in badminton facilities.

If this is of interest to anyone then, if they would like to get in touch with the Community Centre or the Cornerstone, there are facilities available currently that could accommodate another local badminton group.

At present we understand that there is a Ladies only badminton group that meets at the Community Centre on Monday mornings from 10 am to 12 noon and on Tuesday nights from 6 to 8 pm. Contact details can be provided if any ladies are interested in joining the existing group.

If there is interest in starting up a further badminton group that is open to all there is availability within the Community Centre, available slots and cost can be confirmed directly by the convener Alison Russell on There is also potential availability on a Friday afternoons and Saturdays within the Cornerstone at £15 per hour although posts and nets would have to be obtained. Availability at the Cornerstone can be obtained from Ruby Gray by email at or by telephone on 01505 862583.

Feel free to comment on this post to express an interest so that numbers can be established.

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  1. Sivakumar Appan said:

    I would be interested in a badminton group and would be happy to join other like minded folk for regular games!


    29 May 2019

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