Month: <span>March 2018</span>

Dear members,

Dargavel Village Residents Association was established in March 2015 when there were relatively few properties occupied within the entire site. The committee consists of resident volunteers, all of whom have day jobs and fit this commitment into their lives. This can be a challenge with everyone leading such busy lives these days however, we have managed to maintain a core of members who regularly attend the quarterly meetings, affording us a level on continuity in our dealings with the local Police, BAE, RMG and Renfrewshire Council.

The association has not been formalised, as we have never managed to achieve the requisite ratio of members to occupied properties however, we are recognised by all of the above mentioned parties and to that end, we are able to provide a voice for the residents to help deliver and shape the development and facilities that are required to be delivered by BAE under the Planning Conditions for the entire site. These originally included a community centre, school, health centre, playing fields and village centre to name but a few however, these are reviewed and amended by BAE/Renfrewshire Council Planning Dept. throughout the lifetime of the project.

Dargavel Village is steadily growing in size and we are now at a stage where we need to review the committee membership to ensure that we have representation from all of the parcels across the development. To that end and as required within the property deeds for all of us, RMG are in the process of arranging individual Annual General Meetings for each parcel in the next few months. The format and agenda for these meetings has not yet been finalised but we are working with RMG to ensure that there is opportunity for each parcel to put forward 2 or 3 representatives, who will then go on to serve on the committee going forward. Once completed, this process will ensure that the RA committee will be able to represent the majority views of the residents and continue to work with the stakeholders to create a village that we are all proud to live in.

On another matter, there have been some posts across social media recently, highlighting concerns around the billing for both the parcels and the estate as a whole. All residents should have received information from their house builder when purchasing their property, along with information from RMG directly. There is also a fair amount of information on RMG’s website. RMG are however, aware that some residents are not clear on exactly what the charges are for and how these bills are reconciled annually therefore, they are currently looking at options on how to make these bills more transparent and will be in touch with you shortly to advise further. With regards to the forthcoming committee meetings, these are not open meetings as it would not be possible to have everyone in the room, nor do we have the time for everyone to have the chance to be heard. We would therefore request that you make contact through the website and we will take your views forward, until such times as we revise the committee membership.

Through working with BAE and RMG, we have achieved much in the 3 years we have been operating and with the next phase of the development of the association and the committee, we plan to continue to strengthen that relationship for the benefit of our community.

Kind regards

Dargavel Residents Association

Committee E4: Persimmon H1: Persimmon H10: Taylor Wimpey H2: Persimmon & Charles Church H22: Bellway Homes H23 H24 H25 H3: Taylor Wimpey H5: Taylor Wimpey H6: Cala H7: Persimmon H8: Avant Homes H9: Bellway Homes Parcels

Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 8th February 2018 are now online and can be accessed here:

Meeting Minutes – 08/02/2018

Minutes from previous meetings can be downloaded from the Meeting Minutes page.


Committee Meeting Minutes

The snow plough attended Dargavel yesterday but was unable to venture into many of the side roads due to its size and cars blocking its path at certain points.

BAE have confirmed that a JCB snow plough will be attending this morning to clear the side roads within the estate.  It is currently on site at Dargavel north and will be working its way through the village.

Given that it is still quite a large vehicle please be aware that it will only be able to clear streets where it can safely gain access.  If there are any cars blocking roads or double parked in such a way that the roads are narrowed please either move them if they belong to you and it is safe to do so or locate the owner to move them if you can please.

Our thanks go to BAE for arranging this at their own cost given that the snow is likely to take some time to disappear otherwise.

Snow Plough




























The Residents Committee have been in contact with BAE this morning and they have confirmed that a gritter/snowplough is on its way to clear the main roads and put down more grit.

We’ve asked if they can clear as many of the side streets within Dargavel as they can and we’re grateful to BAE for agreeing to do this and at no charge to the residents in light of the exceptional weather conditions.

Thankfully the worst of the snow should soon be over if the forecast is to be believed but the temperature is expected to remain close to freezing over the next few days so it may take a little while for the snow to thaw.  BAE’s efforts in clearing the roads should hopefully allow things to get back to normal sooner than would otherwise be the case.

We’d also like to pass on our thanks on behalf of the community to the individuals who have gone above and beyond over the last few days to support their fellow residents, fantastic to see such a great community spirit developing in the village!