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With Dargavel continuing to grow and a number of relatively new parcels now occupied across the estate, we desperately need new parcel representatives to ensure that the whole development is represented and that we can continue to build on the work done to date. 

We are currently a small group of volunteers predominantly from the more established parcels but it would be great to welcome some new members to give us greater resource and who may hopefully also bring new skills and expertise to the table.  Many parcels currently have no representation on the committee but we believe it is important that all parcels have a voice so that they can benefit from the experience gained by the committee to date and feed into the issues that affect us all. 

What does volunteering entail?

The committee generally meets at least quarterly with RMG with regular discussion in the background as things happen over the course of the year.  We are actively engaged with RMG, BAE, Bishopton Community Council and Renfrewshire Council on all matters affecting the Dargavel development and wider Bishopton. 

Our next committee meeting is approaching and it would be great to meet some fellow residents who are willing to spare a little time or expertise to help carry on the work of the committee.  Check out the minutes of previous meetings for more information on the type of issues we are discussing with RMG and other stakeholders – Meeting Minutes – Dargavel Residents Association

Where do I sign up? 

If you’re interested in finding out more please email and we’ll be in touch asap.   

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Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 21 August 2021 are now online and can be accessed here:

Minutes – 21/08/2021

Minutes from previous meetings can be downloaded from the Meeting Minutes page

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 22 April 2021 are now online and can be accessed here:

Minutes – 22/04/2021

Minutes from previous meetings can be downloaded from the Meeting Minutes page

Meeting Minutes

After a busy few months we thought it would be useful if we compiled an update for residents of what the Residents Committee have been working on over recent months and what lies ahead for 2021. To that end please feel free to download our January 2021 newsletter published both here and on the community facebook group.

Click the image below to download the five page newsletter in pdf format:

Image of first page of RA Newsletter Jan 2021 - Click to download
Published 15/01/2021

Direct download link


Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 12 November 2020 are now online and can be accessed from the Meeting Minutes page along with a copy of RMG’s Property Managers Report. Past minutes are also accessible from the same page.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 15 July 2020 are now online and can be accessed from the Meeting Minutes page along with a copy of RMG’s Property Managers Report.

Minutes from previous meetings can also be downloaded but please note that you must log in to be able to access this content.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of the Residents Committee held on 2 October 2019 are now online and can be accessed here along with a copy of RMG’s Property Managers Report:

Minutes – 02/10/2019 * Log in to access

Minutes from previous meetings can be downloaded from the Meeting Minutes page which is accessible to logged in users only.

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Further to tonight’s meeting of the Residents Committee we have the final listing of the parcel meetings that have been scheduled over the next few weeks.  Representatives of the Residents Committee will be attending each parcel meeting to give a brief overview of the Committee and our activities to date.

Parcel Meetings Schedule

It has been confirmed by RMG that they have written to residents of parcels that are under their management to invite them to a parcel meeting as per the following schedule:

  • 22/06/2018 – H3       (Taylor Wimpey [Dargavel North])
  • 25/06/2018 – H6       (Cala)
  • 26/06/2018 – H2       (Persimmon /Charles Church) 
  • 29/06/2018 – H4B    (Stewart Milne)
  • 03/07/2018 – H5       (Taylor Wimpey [Dargavel South])
  • 05/07/2018 – E4        (Persimmon [Dargavel South])

The parcel meetings are being held in Bishopton Community Centre at 19:00 with an expected duration of around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you live in one of the parcels listed above but have not yet received a letter this may be because you have recently moved into your parcel and RMG have not yet received confirmation from your developer that your plot is now occupied.  We understand that this information is not necessarily passed through to RMG immediately and may be included as part of a periodic update process.  

Parcels Not Listed Above

If you have not yet received a letter regarding your parcel meeting, this is likely to be because your parcel is not yet under the management of RMG.  The RMG representatives who attended tonight’s meeting have advised that until the developers of the relevant parcels (H7 Persimmon and H10 Taylor Wimpey) have handed over part or all of the parcel to RMG for management, they have no power to call a parcel meeting.  Once handover of your parcel has been completed, a parcel meeting will be called in line with the individual deed of conditions applicable to your parcel.  We believe that this is likely to be around 12 months after completion of handover but your deed of conditions will specify the exact process.

In the meantime if you have any queries regarding your parcel or the wider estate, RMG would encourage you to contact them directly by phone (0345 002 4499), email () or via RMG Living’s Webchat or email enquiry form.

We would also encourage residents to contact the Residents Committee directly by email at and we shall be pleased to assist or to direct your query to the property manager as appropriate.

Join the Committee

We are also taking the opportunity to invite residents from each parcel to nominate themselves for election to the Committee.   We would encourage anyone who is interested in joining the Committee to attend their respective parcel meeting and nominate themselves for election.  The hope is that we can appoint up to three representatives from each parcel to ensure we have adequate representation from across the village.



Committee E4: Persimmon H2: Persimmon & Charles Church H3: Taylor Wimpey H4B: Stewart Milne H5: Taylor Wimpey H6: Cala Parcels

Recent communication received from a Dargavel resident regarding Birch Road – shared with their consent on an anonymised basis.

Thanks for getting back to me on this.  I would really appreciate if you would pass my concerns on to the Community Liaison Group about Birch Road (I coudn’t remember if it was called that originally!).

My main concern is that there is a lack of signage or road markings to indicate the speed limit outwith either end of the road. Vehicles are travelling too fast along the road and although it’s a pedestrian priority/shared surface, which is signposted, it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Lately, I’ve noticed increased traffic on the road, particularly on weekends to the bowling club, and with that, an increase in number of vehicles driving too fast, narrowly avoiding collisions with pedestrians, kids and dogs.  It seems that it’s only a matter of time before we have an accident and I know this is a concern shared by other road users I’ve spoken with. Ideally, we’d have more speed limit signs up along the road and/or the speed limit painted on the road itself to ensure that users are aware. I feel that it’s too easy to miss the speed limit with the signage currently in place. I don’t personally care too much about speed bumps – my car’s suspension has been wrecked already between those and the sheer volume of potholes/debris on the roads in and around the village! – but I would not be opposed to those being lobbied for if it helped alleviate the issues we are currently seeing.

My other concern regarding the road is the gate which I understand is for emergency services access just after the old railway line as you come down from Rossland. Vehicles are parking across or around that, obstructing access, routinely – particularly the people who live in the nearby houses on the other side of the fence. This may be because they’re unaware of the gate’s purpose (and maybe I’ve got that wrong?!) but some yellow lines/signage would help keep that area clear in case of emergency.

Hope that can be fed back, do let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks again

A resident of parcel H2

Acknowledged, shared with Residents Committee and added to the list of points for discussion with BAE

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Dear members,

Dargavel Village Residents Association was established in March 2015 when there were relatively few properties occupied within the entire site. The committee consists of resident volunteers, all of whom have day jobs and fit this commitment into their lives. This can be a challenge with everyone leading such busy lives these days however, we have managed to maintain a core of members who regularly attend the quarterly meetings, affording us a level on continuity in our dealings with the local Police, BAE, RMG and Renfrewshire Council.

The association has not been formalised, as we have never managed to achieve the requisite ratio of members to occupied properties however, we are recognised by all of the above mentioned parties and to that end, we are able to provide a voice for the residents to help deliver and shape the development and facilities that are required to be delivered by BAE under the Planning Conditions for the entire site. These originally included a community centre, school, health centre, playing fields and village centre to name but a few however, these are reviewed and amended by BAE/Renfrewshire Council Planning Dept. throughout the lifetime of the project.

Dargavel Village is steadily growing in size and we are now at a stage where we need to review the committee membership to ensure that we have representation from all of the parcels across the development. To that end and as required within the property deeds for all of us, RMG are in the process of arranging individual Annual General Meetings for each parcel in the next few months. The format and agenda for these meetings has not yet been finalised but we are working with RMG to ensure that there is opportunity for each parcel to put forward 2 or 3 representatives, who will then go on to serve on the committee going forward. Once completed, this process will ensure that the RA committee will be able to represent the majority views of the residents and continue to work with the stakeholders to create a village that we are all proud to live in.

On another matter, there have been some posts across social media recently, highlighting concerns around the billing for both the parcels and the estate as a whole. All residents should have received information from their house builder when purchasing their property, along with information from RMG directly. There is also a fair amount of information on RMG’s website. RMG are however, aware that some residents are not clear on exactly what the charges are for and how these bills are reconciled annually therefore, they are currently looking at options on how to make these bills more transparent and will be in touch with you shortly to advise further. With regards to the forthcoming committee meetings, these are not open meetings as it would not be possible to have everyone in the room, nor do we have the time for everyone to have the chance to be heard. We would therefore request that you make contact through the website and we will take your views forward, until such times as we revise the committee membership.

Through working with BAE and RMG, we have achieved much in the 3 years we have been operating and with the next phase of the development of the association and the committee, we plan to continue to strengthen that relationship for the benefit of our community.

Kind regards

Dargavel Residents Association

Committee E4: Persimmon H1: Persimmon H10: Taylor Wimpey H2: Persimmon & Charles Church H22: Bellway Homes H23 H24 H25 H3: Taylor Wimpey H5: Taylor Wimpey H6: Cala H7: Persimmon H8: Avant Homes H9: Bellway Homes Parcels