Month: <span>October 2018</span>

RMG have confirmed that our local Dargavel property manager Gordon Howie will be hosting an open drop in session at Lorimers between the hours of 3pm to 5pm on Monday 22nd October.  No appointment is necessary so if you’d like to meet Gordon or if you have any questions that you’d like to raise with him about RMG, the services they provide or any issues that you’d like to discuss regarding your local parcel/Dargavel in general then this is the ideal time.

He’ll be happy to meet you and answer any questions that you may have.  The full details published on RMG Living are in the screenshot below:

Drop In Surgery details


RMG (Factor)

On a number of occasions over the past year or two residents have raised the issue of speeding in Dargavel Village. There are clearly marked speed limits of 20mph around the majority of the development but residents are reporting that some road users are continuing to travel well in excess of that speed both on the main link roads (Slateford Road, Craigton Drive and Barrangary Road) but also within local side streets. Given that many of the side streets within the village are shared surfaces that are shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, vehicles carrying excessive speed through the village is a real concern.

On behalf of the community, we would urge all motorists driving within Dargavel and Bishopton to be respectful of the speed limit and other road users at all times and be watchful for children playing, particularly when approaching corners or parked cars. Ultimately the speed limit is a limit and not a target and we’re sure there are areas within the village where even 20mph is excessive.

We have also raised this issue again with our local police officers and we’re pleased to hear that they have recently taken delivery of cutting edge speed detection equipment that will be in use in the community in the near future.


Following a number of recent incidents of inappropriate, and on occasion dangerous, parking by construction workers around Slateford Road and local side streets the Committee have raised this issue again with BAE Systems.

At our request BAE Systems have now contacted the builders directly to raise our concerns and to stress that their workers should be parking within their site compounds and not on Slateford Road or in visitor spaces within existing parcels.  Cones have been placed on Slateford Road to prevent parking around the chicane but we’re aware that this is simply limiting parking in that specific section only.  The residents association have offered to meet with representatives from BAE and the individual builders to discuss this issue.  BAE are pushing for immediate action on the part of the builders to resolve the position and we await a further update.



Welcome to our October update. As we head into the start of autumn, work continues across Dargavel Village and we will soon see construction start on two new housing areas. We have also now opened the temporary car park near to Bishopton train station, creating additional parking for the community.
October updates:
    • At the start of October, we opened the new temporary car park earlier than planned to help alleviate parking around the area due to the closure of the main train station car park for maintenance. The car park, adjacent to the current park-and-ride facility, is accessible via Station Road and provides around 100 additional parking spaces to the community
    • Two of our development partners will soon be setting up their compounds in the future retail area, near to Village Square 1A, to allow construction of their sites to begin. These compounds will provide dedicated parking for the construction teams to help reduce parking on nearby roads. In addition, one of Village Square footpaths will be closed with pedestrians being re-directed onto the block paving path
    • The contractors appointed to build Renfrewshire Council’s socially rented houses will also be setting up their compound in the coming weeks, and we expect construction to start later this month
    • Road works continue on the A8 as power and water main diversion works take place to support the new motorway junction