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Detailed site plan TW Parcel H10

H10: Taylor Wimpey Plans, Maps & Layouts

Important information on the future of the Dargavel Development.

There will be a public consultation on the 7th December in the community centre, this will outline plans to re-zone the 3 large industrial plots in Dargavel to Residential, this will add around 1100 more homes to the current plan for 2800.

The timing for the event has now been confirmed as 3pm – 7pm.

Image shows the three parcels H23/H24/H25 that are intended to be re-zoned as residential.

Proposed re-zoning of H23/H24/H25

BAE H23 H24 H25 Plans, Maps & Layouts

Taylor Wimpey Parcel H5 site plan

H5: Taylor Wimpey Plans, Maps & Layouts

Cala Site Plan Parcel H6

H6: Cala Plans, Maps & Layouts

Plans, Maps & Layouts

H6: Cala Plans, Maps & Layouts

H3: Taylor Wimpey Plans, Maps & Layouts

Persimmon Development Layout (showing common land maintained by factor):

Persimmon H2 Plan - Edited

Please note that the highlighted areas are those that are common ground and maintained by the factor.  Any areas that are not highlighted in green are the responsibility of the residents of the adjoining properties including any service strips running parallel to the road across the bottom/side of gardens.  

Landscape Proposal 1/5: Planting Schedule (135.78.01a Persimmon Dargavel.pdf):


Landscape Proposal 2/5 (135.78.02a Persimmon Dargavel.pdf):


Landscape Proposal 3/5 (135.78.03a Persimmon Dargavel.pdf):


Landscape Proposal 4/5 (135.78.04a Persimmon Dargavel.pdf):


Landscape Proposal 5/5 including specification for shrubs & trees (135.78.05a Persimmon Dargavel.pdf):


H2: Persimmon & Charles Church Plans, Maps & Layouts

These three maps highlight the breakdown of parcels (Development Site Structural Landscape), the Community Woodland Park Management Zones and and Community Woodland Park Landscape Masterplan (Estate Plans.pdf [19.08 MB]):


Plans, Maps & Layouts