Month: <span>April 2018</span>

Recent communication received from a Dargavel resident regarding Birch Road – shared with their consent on an anonymised basis.

Thanks for getting back to me on this.  I would really appreciate if you would pass my concerns on to the Community Liaison Group about Birch Road (I coudn’t remember if it was called that originally!).

My main concern is that there is a lack of signage or road markings to indicate the speed limit outwith either end of the road. Vehicles are travelling too fast along the road and although it’s a pedestrian priority/shared surface, which is signposted, it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Lately, I’ve noticed increased traffic on the road, particularly on weekends to the bowling club, and with that, an increase in number of vehicles driving too fast, narrowly avoiding collisions with pedestrians, kids and dogs.  It seems that it’s only a matter of time before we have an accident and I know this is a concern shared by other road users I’ve spoken with. Ideally, we’d have more speed limit signs up along the road and/or the speed limit painted on the road itself to ensure that users are aware. I feel that it’s too easy to miss the speed limit with the signage currently in place. I don’t personally care too much about speed bumps – my car’s suspension has been wrecked already between those and the sheer volume of potholes/debris on the roads in and around the village! – but I would not be opposed to those being lobbied for if it helped alleviate the issues we are currently seeing.

My other concern regarding the road is the gate which I understand is for emergency services access just after the old railway line as you come down from Rossland. Vehicles are parking across or around that, obstructing access, routinely – particularly the people who live in the nearby houses on the other side of the fence. This may be because they’re unaware of the gate’s purpose (and maybe I’ve got that wrong?!) but some yellow lines/signage would help keep that area clear in case of emergency.

Hope that can be fed back, do let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks again

A resident of parcel H2

Acknowledged, shared with Residents Committee and added to the list of points for discussion with BAE

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